O Alan
#25 13:30-13:40 Muographic activities at Fermi Lab (Alan Bross)
13:40-13:45 Q&A

O Zhiyi
#26 13:45-13:55 Overview of Cosmic Ray Muongraphy in China (Zhiyi Liu)
#27 13:55-14:05 Prelimetary Results of Muongraphy Application at Zaozigou Mine (Guorui Liu)
#28 14:05-14:15 R&D of Calorimetor-type Borehole Muon Detector (Kaiqiang Yao)
#29 14:15-14:25 Comprehensive Study on Performance of Triangular-bar-based Muon Detectors (Xujia Luo)
#30 14:25-14:35 Monte Carlo simulations of muon transmission tomography for 2-D and 3-D subsurface structures (Zhiwei Li)
14:35-14:50 Q&A

O Yuanyuan
#31 14:50-15:00 Muon imaging in China (Yuanyuan Liu)
#32 15:00-15:10 Preliminary study on Qinshihuang Mausoleum muography (Ning Su)
#33 15:10-15:20 The BNU detector for muon absorption imaging (Xin Zhao)
#34 15:20-15:30 Q&A

O Sumowidagdo
#35 15:30-15:40 Interests and funding opportunities for muography research in Indonesia (Suharyo Sumowidagdo)
15:40-15:45 Q&A

O Natalia
#36 15:45-15:55 Holy Troitsky Danilov Monastery by muography method (Svetlana Vasina)
#37 15:55-16:05 Muography of nuclear reactor (Anatolii Petrukhin)
#38 16:05-16:15 Muography of Avacha volcano at Kamchatka (Yurii Gornushkin)
16:15-16:25 Q&A

O Cristina
#39 16:25-16:35 Sophie Pailot—Bonnétat : Thermal monitoring of the current unrest of the Vulcano vulcano
#40 16:35-16:45 Michail Giannoulis : Detection of temporal anomalies to predict volcanic unrest through deep learning
#41 16:45-16:55 Cristina Carloganu: Using muography to probe changes in the internal structure of Vulcano (Eolian Islands, Italy)
#42 16:55-17:05 Jonathan Bonnard: High performance electronics for a muon telescope operating in an isolated site
17:05-17:20 Q&A

O Osvaldo
#43 17:20-17:30 Recent muographic activities at IFC INAF (Osvaldo Catalano)
17:30-17:35 Q&A

O Domenico
#44 17:35-17:45 Recent developments and applications of muography @Unict (Giuseppe Gallo)
17:45-17:50 Q&A

O Andrea
#45 17:50-18:00 A report on portable muography for cultural heritage (Samip Basnet, Marwa Al Moussawi, Ishan Darshana Ran Gamage, Maxime Lagrange, Vishal Kmr)
18:00-18:05 Q&A

O Raffaello
#46 18:05-18:15 Dam (Andrea Paccagnella)
#47 18:15-18:25 Blast furnace (European Project BLEMAB) (Catalin Frosin)
18:25-18:35 Q&A

O Lee
#48 18:35-18:45 Application of muon tomography to safety and safeguarding in nuclear waste disposal (Lee Thompson)
#49 18:45-18:55 UK-HKMSDD (Lee Thompson)
18:55-19:00 Q&A

O Jon
#50 19:00-19:10 Borehole detector (Jon Gluyas)
#51 19:00-19:20 Monitoring changes in CO2 reservoirs using Cosmic Ray Muons (Authors: T. Crozat, C. Steer, J-L Formento)
19:20-19:25 Q&A

O Yuqing
#52 19:25-19:35 TBA (Yuqing Lin)
19:35-19:40 Q&A

O Armando
#53 19:40-19:50 TBA (Armando)
19:55-20:00 Q&A

O Giovanni
#54 TBA (Giovanni)
20:00-20:05 Q&A